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"Imagine Good Will Hunting dropped into The Departed. As a former Secret Service agent, Yalden is the real deal revealing Boston’s murky underworld of counterfeiting. An emotionally wrenching crime drama about a tightly knit, blue-collar Boston neighborhood..."



—5 time New York Times best selling author Josh Young

Six Ways Till Sunday—Brief Synopsis

Life is good for Brian Murphy, playing professional basketball in Europe. He’s got money, a beautiful girlfriend, and a nice car (that he didn’t even have to steal). But that all changes when his father dies. At the funeral back in Boston, he learns his father had secrets. A run-in with a Winter Hill Gang enforcer turns Brian’s nice life upside down. Your old man’s debt is now yours.


With nowhere else to turn, he puts his life on hold and takes over the family business with the help of his childhood best friend, Joey. But the clock is ticking and the Winter Hill Gang want what’s owed. This is when Sean Garrity, a distant relative and IRA captain on the run, appears. There’s other ways of making money. He suggests using the family printshop for making counterfeit money. All that it will take is a heist, a little luck, and a lot of balls. Don’t worry, boys. It’s just paper.


Shortly after, on the other side of the city, U.S. Secret Service agent Dan Reilly is slowly piecing together the clues following an explosive break-in at the Crane Paper Factory. Brian Murphy, now producing high-grade counterfeit, is quickly enveloped in a web of blood and deceit. The IRA, the Winter Hill Gang, the U.S. Secret Service… They’re all on his tail. And in his head, all he can hear is the old Irish phrase: you’re fucked six ways till Sunday.

"Yalden has created a freefall into a world of sophistry, danger, and bloodshed: 1980s Charlestown counterfeiting. His characters jump off the page, his prose by turns gritty and poetic. Six Ways Till Sunday is more of an undercover assignment than a simple thriller."

Nicolás Obregón,
author of the Inspector Iwata trilogy / writer and host of the USG podcast FACELESS.

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